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Imagine having the ability to walk into a neighborhood store on a daily basis and purchase local, regeneratively grown and raised products direct from producers across our region. Then imagine knowing those profits went back to farms, ranches, and small business owners to continue building vibrant agricultural communities and a healthy food system for all community members and our environment.

  • 100% Regenerative Protein & Artisan Butcher Counter
  • Regenerative Local Produce, Grains, & Legumes (supplemented off season with non-local)
  • Regenerative Dairy, Cheese & Yogurt
  • Highly Curated Center Store w/ emphasis on local products, staples, and specialty foods to increase overall profitability
  • Sandwich Shop – Brooklyn-Style Pastrami, Burgers, BBQ & Salads
  • Local Spirits, Wine & Beer (supplemented by wines from around the world)
  • Value-added, Marinated & Ready to Cook Proteins & Meals (grab & go such as pies, stocks, pasta & salads)
  • Committed & Educated Customers
  • 2nd Phase – Wholesale – USDA Cut Facility & ‘One-Stop Wholesale Shop’

Local Grocery Store

Develop high volume, full-service grocery stores cooperatively owned by farmers and ranchers, which provide communities with a convenient, year round supply of available local and regeneratively produced food.

Artisan Butcher & Cut Facility

Bring back full-service butcher counters with marinated meats, charcuterie and speciality cuts. Stock only grass-fed / pastured meat raised within this region. Establish a cut facility near each retail store to provide wholesale meat options to institutions and restaurants through a ‘one-stop shop’

Sandwich Shop

Increase margins on various cuts through the creation of pastrami, roast beef, rotisserie chicken, lamb and cheeseburgers. Develop another avenue for seasonal products and a way to engage communities.