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About Us

Who is the Rocky Mountain Food Collaborative?

We are a group of ranchers and farmers throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas, and Utah who value fair price for producers, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), strengthening agricultural communities, implementing regenerative agriculture and sustainable operations to combat climate change, and revitalizing consumer’s understanding of our food system.

Our Mission

We will create a new market channel centered on producer owned full-scale retail grocery stores and, in the second phase, cut facilities with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for wholesale customers. This enterprise will provide producers with a financially viable price for products and a consistent, convenient supply of highly nutritious, and flavorful food for consumers.

RMFC will redefine family farming and ranching across the Rocky Mountain Region as a financially viable occupation and incentivize a shift towards environmental and social stewardship. We will strengthen both rural and urban agricultural communities, as well as foster the growth of beginning entrepreneurs within the food system while reconnecting consumers to agricultural practices. RMFC will enable increased land stewardship and technical support that is critical to re-building the environmental and social health of our communities.

We will decrease the current carbon footprint of our industrial agricultural system and create a secure food supply for future generations in anticipation of climate crisis and global supply chain disruptions.

Board of Directors

Lance Wheeler, Rafter W Ranch

Lance Wheeler, his wife Lisa, and their family operate Rafter W Ranch in Simla, Colorado. Rafter W Ranch produces grass-fed, grass-finished beef and lamb, and pastured poultry in a holistically managed grazing program. The full product line is marketed directly to consumers in Colorado and surrounding states. Lance and his family are passionate about building relationships that will ensure the future of locally raised food and vibrant communities.

Vice President
Terrance Boyd, Wild Boyd Farm

Terrance Boyd is redefining how and where we shop for quality meats for our families. Finding smart ways to move environmentally forward. While providing a personal service of delivering a variety of meats, from "Farm to Table". Terrance is a young black man raised in the city and is now a rancher in southeast Colorado. The world is changing faster than you can imagine so place an order with Wild Boyd Farm LLC.

Katie Miller, Heritage Belle Farms

Katie Belle owns/operates Heritage Belle Farms, a grassfed beef operation & Sourced Colorado (SoCO) Market. Katie is passionate about the local foodscapes (i.e. the foodways and the interconnections between people, food, and places), and the significant role holistic land stewardship has in keeping those landscapes whole and healthy. She works as a freelance hired-hand and an independent on-farm inspector for the American Grassfed Association. She volunteers as a Board Supervisor for the El Paso County Conservation District (EPCCD) and the Colorado State University El Paso County Extension Advisory Board and regularly attends meetings for the Upper Black Squirrel Creek Ground Water Management District. She also volunteers with another group dedicated to supporting and promoting local food production. But her most important job is being a mother to two children.

Chrissy McFarren, Badger Creek Ranch

Chrissy McFarren - Owner, Director & Ranch Mentor - I am passionate about ranching and farming and deeply humbled to be a steward of the land. I love creating healthy environments for all the animals (domestic and wild) that call the ranch their home, and I love being witness to the joy people have when they are at the ranch. Riding, moving cattle, caring for livestock, community, working outside, creating art, family and grandchildren are where I find joy.

Dusty Downey, Audubon /Downey Ranch

Dusty Downey is the Conservation Ranching Director for Audubon Rockies. Dusty, who was born and raised on a ranch in Northeast Wyoming, graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Dusty has extensive experience with cattle production, supply chain development, and animal husbandry and he oversees all aspects of the Audubon Conservation Ranching Program, including certification, marketing science and outreach across the Rockies and encompassing nearly 3 millions acres.  Dusty currently lives on his family's ranch near the Devils Tower in northeast Wyoming.

Derrick Hoffman, Hoffman Farms

Derrick was born and raised in Loveland, Colorado. His family being immigrants of German from Russia decent, coming to Colorado in 1903 to work the Sugar Beet industry. Derrick grew up farming commodity crops with his Grandfather, and Father, until his father retired in 2002. Derrick being a 3rd generation farmer, didn’t follow that path initially. He spent over 22 years in Education before working along side Hanmei to grow their operation into what it is today. You will find Derrick in a tractor or in the field, ensuring everything is ready each season.

Alicia Boyd, Urban Representative

Alicia knows a thing or two about what Denver's Northeast Park Hill neighborhood residents need, as she has lived in the area for over three decades. She also knows about farming: Her son, Terrance, is a rancher running Wild Boyd Farm, a Black-owned farm in Matheson, Colorado.

Project Manager

Margaret S. McRoberts

Margaret Stella McRoberts, Founder of Stella Sustainability, is the project manager for Rocky Mountain Food Collaborative. Margaret is passionate about bringing sustainable farmers’ goods to an urban setting and has been our forefront leader in developing the creation of a grocery store co-op located in Denver. Margaret holds a master’s in “Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability” from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola in Sweden and a graduate certificate from University of Denver in Renewable Energy & Sustainability. She has worked in Germany for the UNEP and for Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen-Nürnberg Universität. She held the position of Intermountain Regional Sustainability Coordinator for the National Park Service and worked with the National Park Service’s Washington D.C. Office of Sustainable Operations and Climate Change before choosing to stay at home after the birth of her son and operate an organic peach orchard on the western slope of Colorado. She returned to Denver almost three years ago and is enthused to focus on Sustainability concerns across the Front Range.

Advisory Members

Alex Rush, Black Sheep Pastures
Angie Leach, Denver
Christine Louden, Short Grass Prairie
Grady Grissom, Rancho Largo Cattle Co.
Krista Roberts, Denver
Sarah Jones, Jones Family Organics